Joe was a dynamic speaker. Not your typical “motivational speaker” or “leadership expert.” I was very hesitant when I first heard he was presenting to our group and didn’t think I would be interested in what he had to say, but he made me a believer! He was engaging and had a very interesting perspective on human interactions. Excellent presenter, who I highly recommend.
— Mike Asplen, Sr. Director
Joe was excellent! His thought provoking comments and interesting ways he can naturally trigger them is refreshing. He truly challenged the status quo and has motivated me to continue on my journey to achieve 1% better in many aspects of my life.
— Andrew DeAngelo, Vice President
Loved the presentation. Many times, we overthink what it will take to change ourselves or get to an end goal. In reality, it can be simple small tweaks we make to ourselves or routines that can over time get us the big change or goal we’re seeking. In a very relaxed and interactive way, Joe was able to teach new concepts and ideas to better ourselves, while also reinforcing others that we already know but may not currently practice. Listening to the podcast now and looking forward to implementing changes to continually get 1% better.
— Ryan Beebe, Director
Joe Ferraro is awesome! He presents actionable ways to help you get 1% better each day. Joe Is funny and energized, communicating his 1% better mindset through real life analogies, painting a perfect and entertaining tangible concept. I found the session with Joe thought provoking, with strategies that are easy to put into action. Whether you apply his mindset to your profession or personal life, you will get at least 1% better, and the results will be immediate!
— Megan Casper, Manager
It is refreshing and exciting to realize that a minor shift in habit or thought process can bring about over time, a major change. We are typically influenced to take a large leap, make a big change and that can be frightening. Joe’s approach to making those changes is to start by being 1% better. You don’t have to take on the everything at once. What an eye opener!
— Dave Schlichting, Manager
Joe was a great speaker who kept our department engaged the whole time! I found myself writing down the titles of books he recommended and notes on practices to implement in my daily routine. His personal stories helped me relate to him and recognize that even the smallest task can have an impact on us, mainly from the attitude you have about it.
— Sarah Miller, Manager